One hundredth post!

I must be having fun, as time is certainly flying!

Post one hundred… break out the party hats!

The treemagineers blog has been an interesting experience for me so far.

I’ll be the first to admit that it has therapeutic aspects: it makes me sit down and think things through, reflect upon them, weigh up the pros and cons of an argument – to then try and express them in a more or less coherent fashion. So in a sense it is a bit like mental housekeeping, tidying up some of the stacks of thoughts that pile up in corners and start to accumulate dust.

One of the things I enjoy is catching up with people face to face and having them pick up on something I wrote about in the blog. Had an epic discussion with Marcin in Poland last week regarding the treemagineers manifesto, which drove home for me how each of us sees the world based on a framework of assumptions that are specific to our environment, up-bringing, education, peers, beliefs etc.

I find this very interesting, as I take a lot away from these kind of discussions – and it shows that it is not one-way communication, in a sense it is the antithesis to fast-twitch social media banter: Think about something, think some more, write it up and post it to the blog, gets read and thought about, and thought some more – and next time we meet up, we discuss it. I rather like that.

So, there you go, in a nutshell I would like to thank everybody who takes the time to look into the blog now and again, the WordPress stats indicate that it is always about 150 people per day, so I suspect that there are returning offenders 😉

Thanks for putting up with my rambling and feel free to pull me over for a chat about this, that or the other…