Open-source imagery

For the past seven years I have been making up a poster for the European Tree Climbing Championship. The common thread in these posters has been a climber silhouette, which I select from a photograph and then work off that. It is not as though I do any of this professionally or anything like that, but it seems to do the trick.

I have noticed however that these very same silhouettes seem to be cropping up in unexpected places, obviously people copying them out of posters published on-line. Also I have received requests to use the imagery. Therefore we have decided to make such graphics available via our downloads section as a set of vector graphics free of charge. However, I do not want to use the ones we have already used, as that would be unfair to ISA.

If you have a photograph you think might fit the bill, send it to me: No promises, but if it works, I will use it. What I am specifically interested in is images portraying dynamic movement, offering interesting details in silhouette, such as ropes, hands, feet, harness details etc. The background should not be too cluttered. To crown it all, please send it in a fair size resolution and size, something like 3’000 x 2’000 pixels @ 200 dpi.

You do not receive any money for contributing, same as we do not charge for the use of the graphics, but be assured of my thanks. I look forwards to seeing what turns up. Do not hold your breath, but I will certainly keep you posted as to how this project progresses…