Oregon Workshop

Just finished a two-day rigging workshop with Phil Kelley in Hood River, OR.

Once again we were exploring the sadly underused HSE Rigging Research document I have written about a number of times before. The spine of the workshop were the eleven generic rigging scenarios which this document identifies, the nine A scenarios with an anchor point above, and the two B scenarios with an anchor point below the mass. I have learnt a lot from running these courses and believe that it is important to understand these as the foundation for any rigging-related discussion. They are similar to what the ABC is for communication: without an understanding of the constituent components, we cannot combine them to form the phrases we would like to create, to describe the thoughts we want to express.

Apart from this, what made this session special for me was the location: we were graciously hosted by the folk at Rahane, a woodland community based in the hills above Hood River. I am deeply interested by people developing alternative visions to what is regarded as the way it is – after all, it is not as though we were making a terribly good job of it. Alternatives are therefore something we urgently need… whilst this off-grid community may not be every persons’s cup of tea, I certainly found what I saw of it very inspiring and stimulating. A big thank you to Ryan and the Rahanians for their warm welcome and gracious hospitality.

The group was, as is often the case, a mix of various levels of competence and experience. I hope that by spinning diverse topics off the various scenarios we were able to offer something to everybody. In groups like this I am very aware of the fact that some people may already have heard a fair bit of what is bring presented. However, we also need to consider those with less experience. To be honest, I love watching other people present, even if it is on a topic I have already given a lot of thought  – or maybe then even more so – as I am interested in seeing where they apply their emphasis, what analogies they use, what insights they may have spotted that I have missed. And you cannot help but enjoy watching someone doing a good job of presenting a topic (I am not saying that that is what I did, but I certainly give it my very best).

Ultimately, what interests me about this topic, similar as to aerial rescue training, is that inevitably we will end up discussing problem solving skills. And these can be applied across the board – to all walks of life.

Thank to all who attended and to Mik Miaz for the photos. A big thank you also to Teufelberger who generously provided and shipped Sirius, arborWINCH and tREX rigging lines for the workshop.