Another thing I find annoying about buying new gear (see last post) is how branding seems to get bigger and bigger from year to year.

I mean, if I wanted to look like a billboard or something, I would have chosen a career as a sandwich board-man, not arboriculture. Logic would dictate that if you allow a manufacturer, or rather a brand, to splash their logos all over kit you wear, they would be paying you to do so.

The deal might be: “Buy this jacket without branding and it’ll cost you €350, if you allow us to advertise on it with our branding, we’ll chuck in a €50 discount, so you will only be paying €300.”

But no! On the contrary: the reality is that the item’s value increases by a zillion percent, just because of some badge or stitching that is added onto it with a brand name on it.

Very puzzling. Some things I will never understand.