Planning ahead

Motoring towards this year’s ETCC in Thoiry, France.

If you have never been, why not come and join us? Consider yourself warmly invited, whether as a visitor, or as a volunteer. As it so happens, volunteer registration is open, there is always room for one more! 😁 This event is vibrant, dynamic, fun, interesting – as well as being a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with arborists from all over Europe and further afield. There is something very unique about the ETCC spirit that has to be experienced to understand it.

The site lies 50km west of Paris on the grounds of the château of Thoiry surrounded by a beautiful arboretum. Camping is on-site, with everything close together. Rumour has it that once again, Belgium’s finest, the Treemagicbeers will be gracing us with a rendition of their unique brand of Euro-Trash-Pop. To make it a family outing the zoo of Thoiry right next to the comp site beckons.

Do I have to give you more reasons to put a big, fat, red circle around the last weekend of June? Convinced already? I thought so.

See you there…