Planning ahead

Living in the future? It certainly feels like it sometimes. These past few days I seem to have been planning ahead rather a lot. On the one hand we met in Hamburg last weekend to discuss next year’s Climbers Forum in Augsburg, which is shaping up nicely.

On the other hand I was very glad to finalise the graphics for the poster for next year’s vertical-connect. Thanks to Knut Foppe for the original photo which inspired the image.

Also, we decided upon the two day topics: Resilience and Access.

The event is now planned for Thursday and Friday, leaving the weekend free people to offer supplemental workshops and events in the area, such as mountain or canyoning tours, tree climbing or rescue workshops etc. …

I am looking forwards to working towards this event, certainly a date to put in your diary. Again, we will offering simultaneous translation between French, German and English.

In due course, further info will be published via our website,, as well as via the vc Facebook page.