Poor old blog

I always feel a bit guilty after not having fed our blog for a while… but the last couple of days have packed quite a punch.

A whole week of training, a level two course, topped off with the final day of a three day climbing and rigging technique course for this year’s certified arborist candidates. The whole matter was spiced up a bit by some pretty atrocious weather – please, should someone find my summer, I would really like to have it back! In fact, scrap that, I would like to have it at all!

Dodging thunderstorms and torrential downpours is just such fun whist trying to run a climbing course. Not. There came a moment when I got really grumpy and was wondering what on earth could happen to make my day any worse, when I slipped and fell over flat on my face – in the mud. Et voilà, I give you worse.

Oh yes, and then on my way home on Wednesday traffic went all kaputt around Basle. Took me ages to get home with other drivers morphing into homicidal killer maniacs, or so it seemed to me at any rate. Made it home in one piece, that is the good news.

Traffic jams… at least you are never lonely

But today at least things dried up a bit… the course was interesting and we got to mess around with flip charts and bits of gear, which I enjoy.

All in all, as I was discussing in a post a couple of days ago, teaching and training remains a challenge, but after a week like this, despite the meteorological challenges, working with motivated and switched on people makes it feel like you are making a little contribution and a difference.