Products that will probably – hopefully – never be

Walking through downtown Seattle this morning with my youngest daughter, we were discussing shops with stuff in them that you never realized you needed – until you see it, to then realise that you cannot be without it. Which totally makes sense, in a world-turned-upside-down kind of way.

This got me wondering what such products might look like in our arborist world… so here I give you products that will probably – hopefully – never come to be!

First off, obviously, is the Bungee Jump Rope Rigging Kit™. Using this heavy-duty bungee rope, dynamic lowering will never be a problem again, you can lock off every single limb you lower and it will come down as smooth as can be. Then, watch the piece as it skyrockets upwards again, past the climber and over the roof of the house. Et voilà, piece rigged and cleared out of the garden, all in one clean sweep! Just remember: When using the BJRRK, always attach the limb with a slip knot so that it releases cleanly on the rebound.

I do not see what can possibly go wrong.

Oooooooor the DIY Port-A-Pringles lowering device…

This ingenious DIY kit solves two problems in one go: less waste and friction at your greasy finger tips whenever you need it! Whatever could go wrong?!

Moving on, and I love this one: the Timer Redirect. Before you start working down the side of a canopy, you install this redirect, estimate the time it is going to take to do the work, set the timer and off you go. When time is up, the jaws release the soft eye, popping the redirect. Ta-daaaa! Problem, solved! Why no one thought of this earlier I will never understand.

I will give this matter some more thought in the coming days, stand by for more products that will probably never – hopefully – be!

I know, I will call this solo project of mine the Dodo Line! DL stylee all the way!