Fruity puzzle

I read with interest Petzl’s article on how to fell a tree which was recently uploaded to the tree care section of the Petzl Professional website. The article touches upon a number of relevant points, such as the decision process to select the right method to dismantle the tree, the risk assessment process, safety considerations, choice of tools etc.

Petzl illustrates all this with images from a job site where Laurent Pierron removed a tree for the city of Valence in the south of France. Laurent is a really nice chap, very competent and a central figure in the French arborist community. He is certainly well placed to offer advice in such matters.

Having said all this, I do however have one remaining niggling question…

Dear Petzl, why does French legislation explicitly forbid climbing in oranges? How about kiwis then, or bananas or grapes? Would passion fruit be ok to climb in? Or pears? Apples? Strawberries, maybe? The article states that current legislation forbids this – so maybe former legislation forbade a larger range of fruit (and maybe veg, too), but oranges turned out to be especially dangerous? All of that vitamin C, I suppose.

I am confused.