Rather nice

Yesterday we had a day working over the river Rhine, which was rather nice.

The job involved removing some wild growth out of a wall below the old university (see below), when I say old, this means it dates back to 1459. The walls along this stretch of the embankment are rather exciting, lots of nooks and crannies to explore. In this case, there were sizable maples growing straight out of the wall… looking at the pic below though, the trees visible on the left hand side were¬†all removed quite a while ago, I certainly cannot remember them, but instead the wall immediately above the water has become very overgrown.

Luckily, as everything was rather crumbly, not offering the best anchor points in the world, there was a black pine on the uppermost terrace that we could use as an anchor point, this made working the lower terrace and wall a doddle.

Again, in the set up no open connectors were used to install the anchor, thus mitigating the risk of gates coming into contact with structure. The connection of the access lines was one of DMM’s rigging hubs, then I used a Sirius 10 mm Pinto Loop to tie a six coil Prusik, backed up by an Alpine butterfly. Through this I ran my climbing line.

Not rocket science, I realize, but worth mentioning none the less, I thought.

That, and I rather liked the view.