Rigging @ Arborfest

Here is a live feed of the session I did earlier today with Nick Bonner at the Arborfest in Asheville, NC on his micro rigging set-up. This is as concept I had seen Bernhard Schütte of the Munich School in Germany use before, but not something I have ever had the opportunity to try, so I enjoyed this opportunity to have a play, thanks, Nick.

Mark Bridge Micro Rigging Lab Demo

Mark Bridge, a Treemagineer and co-inventor of the TreeMotion harness, demonstrates some rigging theory at the TreeStuff Micro Rigging Lab at ArborFest Expo. #AFX

Posted by TreeStuff.com on Thursday, 21 March 2019

This is shaping up to be quite an event, if you have nothing planned for the weekend and have the possibility to stop by, why not come and join us. I am seriously impressed by the amount of energy, creativity and effort the Sherrill Tree/ Treestuff crew have invested into making this happen…