Road names – what would be your choice?

Yesterday and today we dismantled what felt like the largest cherry tree in the universe. The job was outside of Basle, in Riehen. The name of the road was… Auf dem Rücken. On your back. 🙂 So we thought we had better go with the flow, as one says (see below)… not that anyone else joined in, mind you.

Road names are another one of these things that get me wondering.

What would your choice be, if you were naming roads? I reckon we could do with more roads named after food, for instance… that would give you things like Aloo Gobi Crescent, Fish Finger Close, Nigri Sushi Street, Pancake Square, Banana Splits Lane and so on…

Just a thought.

You could also have confusing names, such as Wrong Way Street, or thinking of René Magritte: Ceci n’est pas un Square. Or Round Square. You might have To Nowhere Road.


Why, oh why, does no one ask me when it comes to naming roads?! OK, and I might even chuck in a couple of tree related ones… just for balance sake.