Room for improvement

How has my week been so far?

Well, yesterday morning I took off early to drive to Windisch for a level two training course. I stopped off at the yard to pick up some gear. The gear in the shelving was being obstinate, the steel-core lanyard offering active resistance to being pulled out. So I applied a bit of brute force, tried and tested. As the lanyard pulled free of the rest of the clobber, so did a big red lifting hook… which I do not have a clue what it was doing in there anyway. As I had my weight on my front foot for all that pulling and was therefore unable to pull away in time, I watched helplessly as the hook sailed towards my foot and landed on my toes.


I drove to Windisch with tears in my eyes. I was pretty sure I had broken something. Better today though. Bloody hook.

Then today I was due to teach the Swiss arborist association’s certified arborist class, so early start again. As I needed to get past Zurich and its grid-lock, I decided to hit the road early and left at six. At five thirty, I started getting the last bits and pieces ready, remembered I had mislaid my clicker for advancing PowerPoint slides. So I bombed down to the cellar, pretty sure it was in the case with the projector. No luck… ahh, maybe up in the office, so I headed up to the second floor, turning on the kettle on the way. On the first floor it occurred to me that it may actually be in the Peli case down in the cellar, so down I went again. Nope, not in the Peli case. So up to the office, pouring the boiling water on the tea bags on my way. In the office I finally found the clicker, bagged it, also scoring a laser pointer, grabbed the bottle of green tea in passing by – and hit the road.

Well, almost.

After turning the first corner, I realised I had forgotten my laptop, so I turned the van around and picked it up.

The trip was ok, I managed to get round the worst of traffic – but guess what? Shortly before reaching my destination I realised I had forgotten all the adapters to hook up the laptop to the projector in the class room.


I briefly considered improvising something, using paper clips stuck in the VGA socket as a bridge to the USB-C plug, but stuff like that only seems to work in MacGuyver’s universe. Oh well, PowerPoint is overrated anyway. With a  bit of creative juggling the morning worked out just fine, nice group with interesting questions.

Having said that, I am slightly apprehensive about what tomorrow holds in store for me. In regards to starting the day, there is certainly room for improvement this week.