Round numbers

Well, ish.

Blog post number 300 came and went yesterday without me noticing. So here you go…

A big thank you to all of you who take the time to follow my ramblings, an no, I am still not out of ideas… stay tuned for more eclectic bits and pieces.

And yes, comments are still not enabled in this blog, the reason for this being that we do not feel like monitoring comments to make sure everybody is playing nicely. But I love having face to face conversations about posts, so please do not hesitate to give feedback when we meet up.

Oh, just realized this is probably going to send Marcin into overdrive. No, joke, all good, Marcin, just pulling your leg, looking forwards to our next conversation where you get to point out all my shortcomings and inconsistencies. Of which, I will grant you, there is quite a few.

So onwards, here is to working towards the 400!