Safety first

I am fairly sure most of you will have heard by now, Teufelberger have issued a recall on the past five years’ worth of production of Braided Safety Blue climbing lines due to issues with the termination. But just on the off chance that you may not have, I thought it would be an idea to post it here also. Read the full statement regarding the recall and return procedure here.

It should be noted that this recall does not affect any of Teufelberger’s other climbing lines, e.g. Fly, Tachyon, xStatic or drenaLINE – or, come to that, any of the Braided Safety Blue lines with a traditional splice.

Whilst such an extensive recall is always regrettable, I am glad it was caught before someone got hurt and commend Teufelberger for the pro-active course of action they have decided to pursue in order to sort this out.

So, should you have a Braided Safety Blue with a slaice termination in service produced between 2014 and 2019, follow the steps outlined in the recall document to return it – and if you are unsure whether you might be affected or not, send Teufelberger a mail to