Seasons are so yesterday

Intermediate seasons seem to be passé. Here at least we seem to be heading towards going from summer seamlessly into winter. Having said that, the colors are fantastic none the less…

What? You think the colors might have something to do with licking the fly agaric? 🤪

That aside, the conditions are an absolute cracker to be climbing in, I absolutely love how the new gear integrates seamlessly into my climbing and work processes.

I was thinking back to ETCC in Valencia in 2000 today, the first ETCC I took part in as a competitor, in fact. Somehow I managed to forget my protective glasses, so I asked some random person whether he had a pair to spare. That person turned out to be Chris, we got chatting, which later led to working together, to a friendship and to treemagineers – which of course also included Beddes. Sooooo I was thinking thank goodness I was fuzzy whilst packing for Valencia and forgot my glasses, or else I might not have met Chris, treemagineers might never have happened and I would not have all this great gear for climbing in trees today.

Alternate realities are weird.

P.S. Kids, don’t lick fly agaric. It is not a good idea.