Second conference day in Rotorua

Well, that was a busy day…

Climbers’ Corner this morning with Andreas “Rossy” Ross, bit of a tour d’horizon, touching on a wide range of topics surrounding system design, from exploring the Fit for Purpose concept, through certification criteria and standards, to worked examples and hands-on configuration and versatility discussions. It was a nice group to work with, bit stereotype, but Kiwis by and large just seem very polite and willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

This afternoon I was the last speaker on the conference, which was good, as it meant I could go over time – in practice though I finished more or less on the dot after thirty minutes, after Jeremy Barrel, who went before me, had gone a bit over his time. Still, his was an interesting talk on managing veteran trees, definitively food for thought.

I presented a reworked version of Strong as the Weakest Link, which I enjoyed a lot. People ask me whether I still get nervous before workshops and presentations. The honest answer is, not really. But it does depend upon the content: some talks are more technical and the concepts more complex to convey than others, before these I definitely feel tenser than others.

Strong as the Weakest Link, however, really is like meeting old friends: It is a content that flows really easily, with one point leading to the next, especially after the re-working, I just dropped some of the clunky stuff and added in some fun points.


However, one humorous thing – it is especially funny because I realized that it was an issue as I was doing it – was that I added in a couple of elements last night and was going to sleep as I was doing it. How do I know this? I woke up with my finger on the keyboard, having writtennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn… you get the point. Obviously I added in one slide that made no sense at all – I discovered this during the talk today 😉

So, competition day tomorrow – and guess what? The weather closed in today with rain forecast for tomorrow. Ummm…