Second set up day in Swierklaniec

Second day of set up done and dusted here in sunny Swierkalniec.

Spend the day chasing one thing after another… great atmosphere though, everybody busy doing stuff. Got some great panning shots of footlock with our DSLR stabilizing rig, will post them in due course.

Got to do some work on setting Footlock, which I enjoyed.

More and more folk arriving, I love this meeting of the Arb tribe. Definitively I experience these two days, the Thursday and Friday prior to a competition, as the most intense of the lot, where the challenge is to get people feeling comfortable, appreciated and accepted – and playing nicely together. Once the teams are up and running, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Tomorrow is signing off on set up, then walk though of the events at 12.30, followed by gear check, rounded off nicely by the pre-competition meeting in the evening. In between there’s all sorts of things to be sorted out and delegated, but step for step – and anyways, that one is for tomorrow.