She’ll be alright

Serge brought this book into work today, Frauen auf Bäumen (Women in Trees), which I thought was worth sharing, despite not quite qualifying for the Recommended Reads category.

Apparently the author was an avid collector of old photos at flea markets. After a while he realized that women in trees was a reoccurring theme, so he decided to compile those pics into a book. What can I say, a bit niche, but none the less rather weirdly wonderful.

You cannot help but wonder, why specifically women and no blokes? Were they all off doing guy things, whilst the ladies went tree climbing? I confess to being mildly puzzled.

The pic that took the biscuit was this one…

Like, seriously?

I would love to see the pic in the series that came after this one… one imagines it is probably of the lady sprawled on her back with the tree trunk lying next to her, snapped off at the base. Notice also the broken limb lying behind the trunk, obviously from when she climbed it (I don’t know, Schatzi, do you really think this tree is stable enough? It seems terribly, you know… wackelig). Hold on, though, maybe this is exactly what this is! A picture of load testing a tree back in the fifties, pre-Wessoly! One thing is for sure: visual tree assessment was not a core competence of the person taking these photos.

And hey, who needs VTA – or PPE come to that – anyway?! Totally overrated.