Some things puzzle me, no. 2

A while back I wrote about the mystery of Big Shot rubbers on pizzas, which puzzles me…

Well, here is another one for you…

Yesterday I was pushing my bike out of the garage in the morning on my way to the yard, when I heard an owl hooting, when I looked up it was passing right overhead. Ok, I am a city kid, I get excited about that kind of stuff. I really like the flowing silhouette of the owl’s wings, it has something very elegant to it.

But here is what puzzles me: evolutionary-wise, owls have invested so much trial and error in evolving the ability to fly absolutely silently. The ultimate stealth machine. And then they go around hooting their heads off! What is it with all the shouting?! What is the point of silent flight if you are going to turn yourself into some kind of avian Stuka bomber?!

So here is my suggestion… (had to laugh as I was drawing this one)

This way, I reckon it will be much less effort, certainly beats all of that hooting.

And on top of that, Didj, who is my go-to person in all things ornithological, claims that when they hunt, owls go all silent (not sure if I believe him, but I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt), so in that case, the owl can just whip off the horn bonnet, the bells and stop whistling… et voilà, full stealth mode.

Truly, I should have been put in charge of this evolution thangg, I would have come up with much more creative solutions!