Spot the obvious

Nice day climbing today, pruning an alignment of silver lime, Tilia tomentosa. The structure of the tree makes for some interesting work-positioning challenges, you really get the impression the wood fibres are being maxed out, with long lever arms and lots of weight at the end in form of foliage. This results in some creative lanyard use, v-rigs – and some interesting rope angles.

Oh, and of course today was the new me: new access line, new climbing line, new RIG, new helmet, new harness. I felt like a total rookie! But just as well, the old gear was getting a bit tired. And I won’t even mention the helmet! I swear it made a growling noise at me out of my gear bag the other day! ‘Nuff said!

The dust from the blossoms and leaves had everybody hacking away like troopers. Let me put it this way: if I were a bee, today would have been a score! There was pollen absolutely everywhere! Still, on the upside, the fragrance was quite something.

Felt a bit bad after cutting of this chappie (see below): even after having been cut in half, he was still smiling.

But back to the job… the lads from the council were on ground work duty.

As the park is in the middle of town, this is actually really important, as on a sunny day the park is absolutely heaving with people. Fairly early on it became apparent that the guys assigned to us were not the most… dynamic. Their work process involved lots of sit-downs and smokes. Umm, yes. So I could not resist documenting this situation, try and spot the blindingly obvious. No prizes for this one, keep your postcards for harder quizzes.


Jascha about to ascend into the tree, the last lot of trees not cleared, the boys on a more or less well-earned rest. But they are safe: their rest zone is all taped and barricaded off. Which could not be said for our work zone. I let Jascha handle this one, by this time I was ready to blow my stack.

In the end they moved the barricade after a bit of coaxing. Memo to self: never take anything for granted, even – or especially – the apparently blindingly obvious.