Stupid and unnecessary

I make a point of checking the attachment of young trees.

Too often this has been neglected and non-perishable materials were used to attach the tree to the planting stakes, that then starts to damage the stem of the young tree. In such cases I feel that direct action is in order and do a ninja-number and remove it. Seriously though, this is not rocket science and ought not to be beyond the wit of man to understand that attaching the trees correctly is quite important to how the young tree is going to grow – or not.

I came across this the other day…

This is just such stupid and needless damage, which I find very upsetting as it is so easily avoidable. Perishable attachment material and regular checks to name but two possibilities.

Planting trees is a great thing to do, but then let us also ensure they are given a fair chance at growing and not fail a this early stage by beging choked to death.