Event in Belgium

I will be traveling to Menen in Belgium on the 26.04.2014 for the opening of Condor Safety‘s new training centre.

There is a big event planned with the manufacturers they work with present and a program of presentations. I look forwards to being able to support Patsy and Wouter Verplancke and their team, as they do a cracking job and over the years have been extremely supportive of the Belgian arborist scene.



Workshop Kyoto

Well, I say Kyoto, but it’s actually a fair drive out of Kyoto itself out into the boonies. Beautiful location up in the hills surrounded by Cryptomeria, cherry blossom and forest. Had about eighty people attending, really friendly crowd, again, switched on and interested. There was obviously a fairly wide range in levels of competence, which can make delivering content a little tricky, especially if you are battling not just language, but als cultural barriers. But my feeling tends to be in such cases to allow people sufficient space to interact and discuss between blocks of content. That way you ensure that attendees have the opportunity to ask questions on a one on one basis and also just to discuss what was shown.

Once again, being able to rely on Takashi Osaka’s translating skills was invaluable. I am amazed at how he can spend a whole day translating from English to Japanese – not just English, but me liberally adding in witticisms to boot. But Tashi remains unflappable – even under pressure! Also thanks to Paul Poynter for giving a hand and bailing me out… one more workshop day tomorrow, then I will find out whether British Airways show the same films in both directions on their long-haul flights. I’m afraid I know the answer already.



Workshop in Saitama

First workshop day on this trip to Japan in the beautiful Forest Park in Saitama. Organisation by the KEM Japan team war spot on, crowd was switched on and friendly and apart from a couple of drops of rain mid afternoon the weather played the part, too.

Thanks to Paul and Tash from Kei’s Shop for their support and also Angela from Teufelberger for her presentation of the products. Onwards to Kyoto tomorrow. Taking the Shinkanzen, hopefully Fujiyama will decide to stick its head up out of the haze for us…


Climbers’ Forum

On the 6 and 7 May the Climbers’ Forum will be taking place as part of the German Tree Care days in Augsburg, for more info go to the web site: www.forum-baumpflege.de. This event has has been held annually for the past 15 years and during this time has developed  into a really vibrant, diverse and stimulating event showcasing a wide range of topics surrounding working in trees,  many new ideas were first shown here in public  and novel formats for presentations have been explored.

This year we will be premiering the treemagineers drop tower, which we’re all very excited about (and not in the least bit nervous, never!), also there will be  simultaneous translation from German to English and vice versa.

This event is unique in the tree climbing world and is a fantastic place to network, catch up with friends and stock up on new ideas and inspiration. If you’ve never been, why don’t you come and join us?

Going to Japan

Next week I will be traveling to Japan, after KEM Japan have kindly invited us back after last year’s workshops in Saitama. I will be returning to Saitama to do a one day event there, also we will be in Kyoto for  a two-day workshop. I really enjoyed the trip last year, KEM were very gracious hosts, the organization of the events was flawless and the attendees were very interested and switched on. I was also chuffed to catch the tail end of the cherry blossom, which seems very appropriate when visiting Japan.

Thanks to all involved for making this possible, DMM and Teufelberger for the support and the shipping ahead of the equipment and of course KEM for organizing and hosting the event.

I’ll post some pics as we go along…

KEM Workshops
Treemagineers workshop in Japan