Taking about lubricants

All that talk about Duck Oil yesterday got me wondering about how to lubricate other items.

How about those cheap-o karabiners you picked up on eBay? A deal at €5 per krab, and they even came in pretty colours for that price!

Well, for Far Eastern products, we recommend Peking Duck Oil… to lube the sheave on the rigging block you picked up from the same dealer, we suggest you consider using Peking Impact Force Lube.

For products originating from France, however, the more appropriate option is Foi de Grease, or Huile de Canard à l’Orange.

This one could run and run (thanks, Noddy, for your suggestions in this matter)… do you have any further ideas for specific lubricants? Suggestions, as always, on a postcard, please. Naturally, treeemagineers will not publish any proposals that are not squeaky clean! ? (I know, I need to stop these puns… it’s like Beano, 12-year old school boy-type humour)

And remember! You read about it here first!

Now spread the word…