Taking it to the next level

This pic used by a person offering tree cutting “services” in Switzerland certainly takes dubious work practices to another level…

You have to credit the bloke for the effort he has gone to to really cram as many dodgy work practices as possible into one image. I would like to point out that this is an image he uses to advertise with.

So what have we got?

Working a Populus, on a side limb, lanyard only, no climbing line in sight. No eye protection, no hearing protection whilst using a chainsaw. But the inspired part I though was not just one-handing the top handle saw, but also holding the last piece he has obviously just cut in the other hand. The sure sign of a pro! Not.

Things like this make me unsure how to respond… giggle in a slightly hysterical fashion? Get grumpy? Get upset? Or a bit of all of the above. In the end I left it at pointing a Health and Safety person in the direction of the site. To be fair, the person might just be misguided and acting out of ignorance, but actually I know that he has been approached in the past and seems to be unwilling or unable to amend his ways. His choice, you say? Well, yes and no. Unprofessional conduct such as this falls back on everybody in the profession (I need to point out though that the person in question is not a professional arborist), in the sense that Joe Public does not make the fine distinction between a trained operator doing high-quality work and a hack. Nor does the Health and Safety statistic that merely documents falls during a tree pruning operation. So in that respect this individual’s behavior is damaging to a larger group of people other than just himself.

But probably everybody has someone like this in their area, I just thought it quite striking to see someone advertising his ineptitude in such an in-you-face fashion.