Talk about reaching for the sky…

I spotted this interesting example of mimicry a couple of days ago.

Made me laugh.

A Weymouth pine cunningly using ivy in an attempt to convince the Sequoiadendron gang that it  is ready to represent and to join their crew! What a cunning use of camouflage and mimicry… and talk about reaching for the sky. Or delusions of grandeur, depending upon your perspective.

You can just picture it…

Weymouth pine: Hey, gang, how are y’all hanging? 

Sequoiadendron: Errrr…. ok, I suppose. Who…. are you?

Wp: Duuuude, what is up with you? Can’t you see? We’re family! I’m one of you. Can I join your club now?

S: I. Errr. Dunno. Are you quite sure you are a Sequoiadendron?

Wp: Look, seriously, you are actually starting to hurt my feelings a bit here. Can we just crack on? When do I get my t-shirt and my membership badge?

S: But… what’s with your foliage? That looks a bit… different.

Wp: Yaaay, it the newest craze! A new variety… Sequoiadendron hederafolia!