Set-up day in Tampa

Set-up day for ITCC today in Tampa. I have been awake since four in the morning contemplating life and other stuff – as one does with an internal clock confused by time zone changes… which is ok, as I tend to simply ignore it, not try to adapt and carry on as is, especially for a short stay like this.

Tampa in March…

Hot. Sticky. What must it be like here in summer?!

Definitively glad now for the shift of the event from summer to early spring… having said that, there is noticeably less daylight to work with, in view of the record number of 56 climbers it is going to mean that we will have to be on the ball come Saturday as otherwise we are just going to run out of light.

I have yet to make the acquaintance of the local fauna, apparently there are load of fire ants in the park. I am in no hurry to do so, I have been keeping one eye on the ground…

Looking forwards to spending a day with the volunteers, always enjoy this part. Got some interesting trees to install the climbs into – challenging, but fun. And this evening I will be running the gear inspection tech meeting, which again this year is going to be open to all. During that session we will be going over some old information, but also discussing new issues that have cropped up since last year’s event in Milwaukee. The immediate aim of this format is to bring the techs for the gear inspection on Friday up to speed and to create a platform on which questions and issues can be discussed and debated, but in a larger picture, the concept is also that this has a trickle down effect, offering a degree of guidance and structure that can filter down into chapter events, hopefully providing consistency and transparency.