Tenacious? You reckon?

Working on a Plane tree the other day got me thinking about its fruit – and about how tenacious and clingy those pesky balls can be – sometimes you will have whole gorilla nests-worth of limbs hung up on one single ball!

Somewhat randomly I was also happened to be thinking about steam catapults used to accelerate and launch fighter jets off the decks of aircraft carriers… then I wondered whether there might not be an opportunity of combining the two?

So here is my plan: I am absolutely convinced that the stem of a plane tree fruit is sufficiently strong to hold a fighter jet in place with the jets firing at full blast– then all you would have to do is to sever the stem with a handsaw in order to send the plane off hurtling skywards… easy breezy!

So start collecting those plane tree balls, I reckon there are any number of uses for them when it comes to retaining or holding massive loads!

And I should know, I have battled them all too often!