The Danger of Silence

Another TED talk, this one by Clint Smith, filmed at a NYC TED event.

What can I say, sometimes you see something that touches you deeply and feels true, for me that was the case with this talk.

It reminded me of how important it is to be authentic and to speak ones mind. To speak the truth, even if this can be hard sometimes and not just to parrot phrases that I think may please the person opposite me…

I think one of the reasons this affected me is that in many ways it reflects some of the responsibilities I feel that teaching and training people brings with it. It demonstrates the importance of being strong and being clear and honest as to where your strengths lie, but also to admit where your competence ends, you lack answers or you have a weakness.

Tell your own truth.

Yes. And further, I would add to that the need to differentiate fact and opinion. Fact is objective, whereas opinion is subjective. So your truth can be based upon fact and can reflect your opinion – but you should not bend fact to make it suit your truth.