Manufacturing is not easy

At treemagineers we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to work with the folk at DMM and Teufelberger to contribute towards the development of climbing and rigging equipment. Without a doubt, manufacturing is a complex matter: There are many layers to it: from legal and standards requirements to specifying and sourcing constituent parts, from the design process to field validation. We are confident that we have teamed up with two companies working to very high standards.

Yet when you are in the business of manufacturing, things can go wrong. DMM is no exception to this.

Today this safety warning was issued:

The notice is basically asking people to quarantine karabiners of the affected batches whilst DMM decide how they are going to  proceed. This strikes me as being a very open and transparent way to handle this kind of issue and I appreciate the team at DMM  taking a proactive, precautionary position in this matter.

Safety warnings – and recalls, though to a lesser degree – are not infrequent. I am less concerned about the warnings and recalls we hear about, these are issued by manufacturers and brands behaving in a responsible fashion, rather I am concerned by the companies that never seem to have any issues… is this due to the fact that they simply always get everything right?


As I mentioned above, there is a degree of inevitability that when you involve yourself in the intricacies of manufacturing, that niggles and issues will occur.

The trick is to nip them at the bud before aforementioned niggles and issues can evolve into full-blown incidents or even failures! This is the spirit in which I understand DMM’s safety warning to have been written.

Safety warning here, for further news and up-dates check here.