This is not a plug. Well, actually it is…

But I have to say it regardless:

I love XSREs. If that is not a geek confession, I do not know what is!

I mentioned Duck Tape and WD40 in an earlier blog post… well, these little beauties are in a similar league.

I have them all over the place, from key ring to kit bag, on access lines, on throw bags, through the top hole of ascenders to keep the line running fair into the cams – not to mention on my harness. I love the fact that they are true ovals and can accommodate a wide range of items on both sides, this means that I can store my pinto on it or to stash slings on the back of my harness. The key lock on the nose means you can easily push it through the mantle of a rigging line to attach it to a throw line to pass it up into the tree. The nose design also means that the gate locates positively and does not flop around. The oval shape allows you to reverse the karabiner if need be – or to opposite and oppose two XSREs.

Some things you do not realize until you have them that you cannot imagine being without them anymore. The XSREs would definitely go on my list of those items.

Plug over, normal services will be resumed shortly.