Tree climbing competitions

To me, an event like the Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg is an integral part of climbers’ culture.

It’s where we get to spend time together, discuss issues, develop solutions, meet old friends and make new ones. I believe that what we strive to achieve with them, is to empower people, to instill a sense of pride and of being part of a larger culture that reaches beyond merely your company or organization. I love seeing young climbers buzzing with excitement, visibly inspired and bubbling with enthusiasm… that’s what it’s all about!

Another facet of this culture are the tree climbing competitions. This is where a lot of the issues discussed at a theoretical or demonstration level at industry events are put to work: new or refined techniques or equipment may be shown here the fist time, a novel approach to solve a problem or industry best practice showcased in a really proficient manner.

And it’s not just about the competitors. I find working with the volunteers just as fun and rewarding and year for year marvel at the dedication of returning volunteers.

Stihl produced some great video footage of ETCC last year and it seems appropriate to brush the dust of them for the beginning of this year’s competition season.

As a reminder: This year’s ETCC will be hosted by the Polish chapter and will take place on 30-31 August in Swierklaniec Park, Swierklaniec, Poland.

Sounds like a fantastic location…


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