Über den Tellerrand schauen!

… is a rather nice German figure of speech that does not translate very well or literally into English – looking over the edge of your plate. Thinking outside the box does not really do it, as this implies innovative thinking. The connotation of Tellerrand is more like looking the other side of the fence, something down those lines.

I had the opportunity to look over the edge of my plate a couple of weeks ago, when I had the opportunity to attend the FISAT Technical Seminar in Feuchtwangen in Bavaria. FISAT is the German equivalent of IRATA or SPRAT, i.e. an industrial rope access association.

The event was run very professionally with a wide range of persons involved in various areas of work at height attending, from managers or health and safety people to rope access technicians. Apart from formal presentations discussing various topics, there was also a small trade show on offer – as well as practical demonstrations.

Thanks to Ralph Sinapius for the photos.

I ran a series of demos with small groups on 3D rigging in tree care. This title actually always makes me smile, as I what I really wonder is what two dimensional rigging would look like? Rig like an Egyptian? 😁 But I get it, rigging as in not just straight up and down, but also in a third dimension, calm down, Mark! So 3D rigging it was. Puk was kind enough to abandon his DMM booth during the presentations to give a hand, we ran through various rigging options to rig, balance and move limbs, which was fun.

The feedback from the audience was very interesting, seeing who responded to what and gaining a better understanding of problems and difficulties that other professions are confronted with. Wind turbines, for instance, are a notoriously difficult to extract a person from in case of an accident, as inside the nacelle you are operating in very confined spaces – and outside at great hight in often remote locations. So far from easy. This was one group of people who were very responsive to the rigging concepts we were demonstrating.

I always enjoy events such as this, as they offer insights into other people’s professional lives. Truly, arborists are by far not the only people working on rope, at height, solving problems. I can only encourage you, should you get the opportunity to attend such an event, to do so and to look over your Tellerrand.