After a lengthy silence, I find myself sitting down to the treemagineers blog for the first time in quite a while.

On the surface the reason for this has been that I have been absorbed by other projects and preparing for up-coming events. Whilst this is at least partly true, thinking about it, I have to admit to myself that the main reason lies somewhere else. In the aftermath of Florim’s accident I have struggled to find back to the more light-hearted themes. The full range of topics, from technical to philosophical, from flippant to profound, from humorous to serious, is an important aspect of what I find interesting in exploring in this blog.

Take that away, and… I feel muted in my expression.

As so often, giving things a bit of time had proven to be wise counsel. Time does alter your outlook on things, so whilst looking back to the events of the beginning of this year remains hard and upsetting, I realise today that I miss this outlet to share thoughts and stories with others, so I am determined to move on, setting my sights in direction of the future!

Onwards, me hearties! The horizon calls!!