Vertical Connect 2016

Set up was well underway yesterday for this year’s second edition of vertical connect, the inter-disciplinary work at height forum which is once again is taking place in Meiringen in the Bernese Alps.

Meiringen, I have to mention, is of course where Sherlock Holmes fell down the waterfall whilst having a jolly good old punch-up with Professor Moriarty. Obviously they were not very up to speed on their fall protection gear – QED. Next time, Sherlock, you really ought to pop round the training centre of Seilbahnen Schweiz to vertical connect before you go off swanning around waterfalls…

The place was a hive of activity yesterday, with the four presentation stages for Friday and Saturday’s presentations were being finalized: a truss cube, the tower, a stem and a simulated cliff. Vendors and manufacturers arriving and setting in the trade show area. Presentation crews running through their set-ups.

Last year, as I wrote about then, on the first day of the event it was so interesting to see strangers starting to talk with strangers and that I felt that this was the moment that vertical connect acquired a soul. This time if felt like there was already a drive and an energy during set-up, with a sense of focused energy and tingling anticipation.

This, I believe, is Itsuarpok!

By the way, the trailer below is most certainly the heaviest load I have ever pulled with the Hilux. Got to love crawler gears. Even so, the clutch smelled quite toasty afterwards… I could probably have fried an egg on it (mind you, don’t ask me why you would want to fry an egg on a clutch, that seems like a sure-fire receive to a major mess. And a waste of an egg).

One of the exciting thing about this event is what a diverse group of people it attracts with a correspondingly wide range of abilities and competencies. Things just seem to get done… in way I would never have thought of myself – and if I had ever needed a motivator to help organize an event, there is the killer motivator right there: muck in and learn? Yep, count me in!

The last crew on-site yesterday were the folk from the Swiss caving rescue group setting up in the dark. Of course, cavers being nocturnal creatures and all that… (Thanks, Tom, for the pic)

vertical connect will be taking place today and tomorrow, should you happen to be in the area, do not hesitate to pop by, this is going to be good.