We went diving

At TCI Expo in Baltimore Chris, Taylor and I ran two treemagineers Deep Dives.

The first, at the DMM booth revolved around the question How does an activity influence the shape, form and properties of a tool in regards to concept, design and manufacturing? We had an interesting group of people raising some very valid points, such as the question whether it may be necessary for the industry to self-police itself in regards to some of the more outlandish techniques being bounced around the various forums and social media platforms. We also discussed the rationale behind adapting connectors to activities, such as the use of closed connectors, e.g. rings when remote installing or in situations in which you cannot visually inspect and ensure correct loading.

The second, at the Teufelberger booth considered the question As a climber, how do I profit from using certified systems? This brought together quite a sizeable crowd, again, many interesting points raised, one of them being the concept that certification and testing is one of the things that creates clarity for the end user and allows him or her to decide whether a tool is fit for the purpose they are intending to use it for. We also ran through the different ways in which a product can be certified, either to existing standards or to a manufacturer standard and also ran through some concrete examples.

I would like to thank DMM and Teufelberger for their hospitality in lending us their booth space, also to all who joined us there, I certainly enjoyed these sessions, they were lively, dynamic and interesting.

Let’s carry on diving!