I had what might be considered a weird start to my week.

When we arrived on site, while I was getting my gear ready to get stuck into the first tree, I had a tune bouncing round my head, as one does. Buthold on, I realised, this is Careless Whispers by George Michael! I don’t quite know how to put this, but some things are best left in the eighties. This is most definitively one of them! How on earth did that end up in my inner ear?! Thinking about it, I realised that on my way to work I had cycled past a bird singing the exactly that chord of the saxophone intro at the beginning of the song – et voilà, the damage was done: song stuck in brain.

I reckon the bird was Georg Michael reincarnate, something which might look like this…

By mid-morning, I was going frantic, starting to fear for my sanity – not to mention the rest of the crew whom I was sharing my pain with. I decided in the end to try fighting pain with pain, so I gave myself a dose of Radio Gaga by Queen. Then shit got really weird. A messed-up eighties medley rattling round my brain – only gradually subsiding in the course of the day.

Whew. Thank you, Monday. What is in store for me for the rest of the week?!