What am I forge…

The other day we were working locally in a park, pruning some horse chestnuts.

The park is busy, especially at this time of year, with loads of kids with mums and dads, school kids, senior citizens doing their fitness thing, joggers, in-line skaters, cyclists, you name it. Everybody seems to be out in force!

We had finished one tree and were moving onto the next when, when I decided it might be an idea to move the vehicle to avoid dropping branches on it – I had been to look at some work and had already taken my gear out of the back. Add to all of the obstacles I mentioned above the fact that the car was parked in a central area of the park with stone sculptures arranged in a circle around it which are so low they are hard to see below the bonnet of the car – and are easy to miss in your rear view mirrors. So… plenty of stuff to focus on not hitting.

I was pulling out, veeeeeery carefully… when all of a sudden I heard an ominous crunching sound.

Oh. Bollocks.

That would be my climbing gear.

Mmmm, speaking of pink elephants, sometimes there is that one thing which escapes your attention, in this case it was my kit. I am sure you’ve been there, you stop, get out and try to walk around the car nonchalantly, as though this was all totally intended, discreetly checking whether anybody has seen you acting a total dummy? Well, that was me. Luckily I had managed “only” to hit my rope bag, one of the Teufelberger’s ropeBUCKETs – and can now officially confirm that theses are pretty tough – Hilux-proof, in fact.

Apart from being a bit of a weird shape initially, it was fine.

One point this drove home for me, once again, is how limited the brain’s processing capacity is: Bombard it with sufficient sensory input and you will inevitably miss stuff. Especially if you are “just quickly” doing something.

So, no drama, of all targets in the park to hit, this was probably one of the better ones. Memo to self: Be wary of hectic situations tripping you up, go slow and expect the unexpected.

And if you hear ominous crunching sounds, stop immediately!