Wheeeezes and validation fails

Did I mention there was a lot of pollen coming off those lime trees?

I kid you not, I have never seen anything like it, absolutely extraordinary. The ultimate irony being that the bees actually seem not to be very keen on silver lime blossom, when it would seem that there is rich picking there. Oh well… 🐝🐝🐝🐝

Oh, and then there was this… went to buy some lunch from the supermarket round the corner from the park, then had a picknick in the park. One thing I bought was a rice milk drink with added Macha green tea. What can I say? When I opened it I felt that Migros really need to rethink the styling of the product if they want this to go mainstream and not remain a niche product selling mainly to folks who have a fetish with drinking scummy snot.

Just goes to show how essential it is to validate and field test thoroughly before you go to market, regardless of whether you are considering a PPE product – or a rice milk drink. Just that if you get it wrong, in one case you are left with a slightly gross drinking experience, whilst in the other the consequences are potentially much more serious.

In the same vein I thought this was an interesting case: the other day I was looking at someone’s e-bike, seemed like a well kitted out unit. Unusually though the battery was integrated into the seat post, which other manufacturers usually do not do, the more usual format tends to be to somehow to integrate the battery into the frame around the down tube. The owner of the bike then told me that due to the width of the battery and the fact that it stands proud of the saddle, every time you pedal, your thighs chafe against the corner of the battery. Now that is what I would consider a foreseeable failure – and really something that again validation ought to have caught.


So there you go, welcome to the kind of things that preoccupy me whilst asphyxiating in a blizzard of lime tree pollen…