Where do you find your inspiration?

Sacré Bleu, indeed.

Where do people find their inspiration? How do they come up with clever designs, coming at a problem from an angle nobody had thought of before, finding just the right, simple solution to a complex problem.

When you see it, you slap your forehead: why did I not think of that?! It is so obvious when you see it.

But again, this brings me back to my original question: Where do people find their inspiration?

How about… Petzl’s Zigzag (see above)? Who came up with that idea? Was it engineers huddled in the dingy depths of the Petzl HQ, toiling away in candle light? Or was it mad scientist types, sketching heady formulas on huge blackboards in dusty auditoriums?

Mais non! We just pop down to ze local brasserie and ‘ey presto… voilà, l’inspiration! C’est si simple!