Who ever said it was going to be easy?

I have mentioned before that over the past few weeks I have been working on a new topic that I am going to be presenting the first time at the Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg beginning of May.

I finde processes such as this daunting, challenging and rewarding – all at once.

Daunting in the sense that usually I will spend a longer period of time beforehand collecting background info and literature on topics that I feel could result in a story worth telling and sharing – yet once you have committed to a deadline, an event at which you are going to present, it all becomes that bit more tangible and pressing to deliver a finished(ish) product by date X.

Challenging in the sense that during the process I find myself constantly questioning what I am actually trying to say… is what I am saying what I actually mean – or is it what I expect people will want to hear? What is the actual message? Can I back up what I am saying with facts? Often as not this will result in multiple versions of a presentation before it really starts to flow, smoothing out those bumpy niggles along the way…

Rewarding in the sense that it is also an opportunity to immerse myself in subjects I might not spend as much time on otherwise – Superballs, for example :-). I find this stimulating and exciting, as it can sometimes lead to unexpected insights in areas where you did not expect to find any – or can confound preconceived opinions. Further, every new topic expands the range of stuff to discuss with people – I find nothing more tedious than talking about the same topics time and again… this way, you can keep on adding more layers and diving deeper into themes, adding depth, texture and resolution.

At any rate, be that all as it may, every time, when a presentation is done, dusted and ready to go, I take something away from the process of getting to that point – this time being no exception.

And finally, I am just excited about sharing the story, to get it out there… if you are at a loose end what to do during the first week of May, consider yourself warmly invited to join us at the Climbers’ Forum in Augsburg.

What is the talk about? Ah, now that would be telling! You are either going to have to come to Augsburg – or be patient until the next time we next meet up…

No, no connection. Just felt poor old Porpoise had not been aired for a fair while, so there you are…