Win some, lose some

It is that time of year when you find yourself working outside an office block and looking in, you see the office folk sitting at their desks with mugs of coffee in well-heated offices. Whilst you are hanging in a tree outside – it is around freezing, it is raining, your hands hurt… and for just an inkling of a second you wonder whether today is not one of those rare days, when working in an office scores against hanging around in trees.

The answer is: NO.

It never does!

To illustrate why I believe this to be so, I always think back to a London Plane tree outside the offices of PriceWaterhouse here in Basle.

This tree is right next to a vent where all the stale air gets pumped out of the office block. Poor thing. You find yourself up in this tree, first thing you realize is that the air rising out of the vent is really quite warm. Then, you realize that it smells of… warm photocopiers, perfume and stale farts. Yuk. No, that cannot be a good environment to work in. Not to mention working in cubicles, copious amounts of cheap filter coffee and being mobbed by the other muppets in the office.

So no, after that nano-second of doubt, I realize that I am actually quite content to be on this side of the tripple-glazed windows, thank you very much. Enjoy your day in the office, darling, I am perfectly happy out here!

And you can wipe the smug grin off your face: I know the sort of air you are breathing!