WorkSafe NZ meeting in Manuakau

Had a meeting with WorkSafe NZ inspectors this morning. The event was organized by Andreas “Rossy” Ross of Proclimb and Richard Tregoweth of Treetools, thanks to both of them for the effort they invested to make this happen.

I was impressed by how focused and concentrated everybody was, we ran through the Certified = Fit for Purpose presentation together, which is not the most easily digestible content, yet everybody was well on board and people were referencing the Fit for Purpose party tent afterwards, which I was well chuffed about. Lots of good discussion and a very common-sense, pragmatic approach to work place safety from the WorkSafe crew, which rang very true to me.

I must say that I do not envy the position the inspectors must find themselves in time and again, yet without a doubt their work is essential to preventing unprofessional and dangerous behavior. In the end it is a joint push towards a safer work place, shared between the health and safety organizations, manufacturers of PPE, employers, associations and last, but by far not least, the employees, the operators in the field. Hopefully events such as today will longer term contribute towards a work environment that is safer, more ergonomic, productive – and enjoyable.

So, thank you to all who attended.

Rotorua and the NZAA conference and TCC next…