Treemagineers is three practicing arborists: Bernd Strasser, Mark Bridge and Chris Cowell.

In addition to the industry presentations and successes in Tree Climbing Competitions for which they are well known, the Treemagineers carry out a wide range of tree related jobs. For example, they manage private and municipal tree populations, collect seed from notable trees, sample foliage for research purposes, deliver specialist courses for tree climbers, manage native woodland, design and manage tree planting schemes and help to develop industry guidance.

Treemagineers moved into product development because they could see improvements were possible. With joint objectives of improving safety and efficiency in professional tree care, their products are the result of close innovative cooperation with market leading manufacturer DMM.There are new concepts, advanced manufacturing techniques and hi-performance materials in these bespoke tree care products. Individually, each product has something to contribute. Combined, we think they compliment each other beautifully!

Treemagineers - all for the trees and none for a fall!

TREEMAGINEERS is a registered community trade mark of TREEMAGINEERS Ltd.