Slacking on the blog, I know. But I have always said that the blog needs to be fun, if it were to become a chore it would lose something essential. So there you go: life kicks, simply out of the time and head space necessary to sit down and give things sufficient thought to then be able to write about them in a more or less coherent fashion. Not for the lack of themes, mind you!

In Japan right now. After the earth quake last time, this time I can add a typhoon to my Japan experience list. That was a lot of wind and water.

Had a great few days at Shop K in Ina. It was a pleasure talking for two days to the group there about how we select anchor points in tree care. This involved practical demos and breaking some stuff, as well as screen- and whiteboard based elements. And lots of discussion. I love running this kind of session, as apart from an outline you do not really know where you are going to end. As well as keeping me on my toes, I also learn a lot from these discussion.

It was also a good opportunity to chat to people about the treeMOTION evo, DMM’s Transformer, the new Hitch Climber Excentric and the Offya trolley.

Thank you to Atsunori Yamaguchi for the video…

Up to Oona in Nagano province tomorrow to do two days discussing rigging systems with the crews of Maruichi.

A big thank you goes out to all who made this trip possible, all at ODSK, Takashi Osaka and the Poynter family… as well as everybody who made time to come along and attend the workshops.