A question of balance

I realised I have never used this image in the blog yet. I drew it a couple of years back in an attempt to illustrate the necessity to balance knowledge of all things tree-related and technical skills.

The basic statement was that an imbalance in either direction will either leave you lacking the necessary foundation to assess structural stability of the structure and without a basis to make decisions regarding what to do with the tree – or, on the other hand, unable to access the points you need to in a safe and efficient manner in order to make the correct pruning cuts, to hang chains or to make the felling cut.

Thinking about it today, I realized that this still holds true today, maybe even more than ever.

Over the past couple of years we have seen a rapid evolution of the range of techniques and equipment used in tree care, posing formidable challenges in regards to defining best practice, identifying potential issues, as well as raising complex configuration and compatibility questions.

I am hopeful that in due course it will be possible to achieve balanced positions regarding these challenges and issues. The prerequisite for this is for the industry to engage in meaningful and well-founded discussion with all stakeholders involved, e.g. climbers, manufacturers, industry bodies and regulators.