Arbor Berlin

Coming Friday and Saturday Arbor Berlin will be taking place in the Baumschule Späth in Berlin. This event was initiated by Gregor Hansch, who worked with us for many years and moved to Berlin five years ago and you may have met as a competitor at ITCC or ETCC – or some other tree care event.  Gregor has put a lot of time and effort into bringing this event to Berlin and has put together a very interesting program with speakers presenting and doing demos on a wide range topics.

If you are in the area and have nothing planned, why not stop by?

Speakers include Knut Foppe, Frank Rinn (Rinntech), Bernhard Schütte (Münchner Baumkletterschule), Anja Erni, Lothar Wessoly, Angela Sipos (Teufelberger), Carsten Beinhoff from the German Health and Safety will be there and I will also be doing something… apart from anything else, these events are a great opportunity to meet people and to interact and discuss arb (and non-arb) topics.