Be scared, be veryyyyy scared!

Plant awareness and cognition is definitely a hot topic at the moment, with seemingly every second arb conference adding a neurobiologist to their list of speakers, discussing the ways in which plants perceive their environment and communicate amongst themselves. Fascinating stuff, admittedly

But actually, attentive readers of the treemagineers’ blog may remember Carrotzilla‘s antics that we reported about a while back. What can I say? We were ahead of the pack – once again!

Therefore I am sure you can imagine my consternation when I arrived in our yard the other day to discover some very suspect looking flower bulbs lurking around outside the office, quite obviously up to no good… my suspicions turned out not to be unfounded – but see for yourself!

So now I am writing this blog with a liquefied, partly slurped brain. But hey, as long as I stick to hanging around arborists, I doubt anyone will ever notice! 😂