Chicago red eye-special

En route to TCI Expo in Pittsburg.

Well, I say en route, when actually, right now that is a bit of a euphemism. Stranded in Chicago would be a more appropriate description, after American decided to cancel their part of a code share flight with British Airways due to weather and air space congestion.

So, I find myself in a Holiday Inn, unable to sleep, drinking a distant, watery relative of coffee.

To say they were apologetic about it would be an exaggeration. And, oh no, they will not pay for a hotel as they do not consider it to be their fault that they cancelled the flight. Interesting point of view that, I will have to remember it to smooth over future mishaps. Picture this: after we have just slammed a large lump of wood onto the carport with the tree owner’s 380k fully pimped-up Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Roadster parked in it, I will stay cool as a kipper, turn around to the owner’s wife and say that I do not really consider the incident to be our fault, rather, I blame it on gravity.

Ha! Nice one!

But in the end, BA did shout us a hotel and food vouchers. They are by far not the worst out there…  thanks, BA.

So, with high winds forecast for at least part of the day it remains to be seen how we make it to Pittsburgh. I have decided just to take this as a road trip.