Clickety click

Isn’t it funny how when you go for a coffee break with a couple of tree guys, there will be that typical thunk, click, thunk, click of that one person who didn’t reckon it worthwhile removing their foot ascender.

In fact, between Christmas and New Year my friend Knut came to visit… we sat around a bit, chatting and drinking tea, then because it was a nice day outside, we decided to go down to the local alternative pub. Walking through town, guess what? Yep, thunk, click, thunk, click. Which was really quite funny, as there was definitively no tree work on the horizon, but I suppose it is one of those failed to prepare, prepared to fail situations: Knut would most certainly have been laughing at me if, for some reason, we had needed to quickly shimmy up a line to escape from a boiling pit of lava filled with orcs, for instance (yes, funny that, orcs in boiling lava seem to be cropping up rather regularly, not quite sure what that is about).

Ultimately, I was wondering whether this could lead to a next evolutionary step in the Homo sapiens genealogy? I am thinking Homo sapiens pantiniensis